Are you buying or selling a business? Ensure you get the best price or a business that will deliver long term success.

With experience representing buyers and sellers of businesses NZD$3m to NZD$30m I am focused on ensuring the M&A process is managed effectively and efficiently and the final transaction is a win win for both parties.

Mergers & acquisitions

I am too often asked to come into a business who is struggling and find that they have recently bought and or merged the business (up to 24mths post transaction), and that many of the issues they are facing are attributable to an inadequate due diligence being performed during the Merger & Acquisition process.

What is Due Diligence? The meaning of due diligence is to ‘have a measure of prudence’ or to ‘perform a prudent review’.  Where many due diligence processes fail is that it stops at a legal and financial review and does not look at other critical areas of the business that could have a material impact on the ability for the business to deliver the outcomes you are looking for. Key additional areas that should be looked at in detail are:

Commercial / Operational systems and process

Customer / client contracts, retention and satisfaction

Staff / employee contracts, retention, and satisfaction

Information Technology systems and processes

And of significant importance is how the business will look post transaction from a strategy, integration and organisational structure perspective. The latter is particularly important if a merger/s have been involved to ensure that everyone understands their role in the “new” company be it shareholder, director and or employee.

I offer a very competitive fee structure that is significantly lower than the traditional high percentage of sale price approach. I would welcome the chance to discuss your M&A needs be it selling or buying a business.

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