Are you ready to do business in the Asia markets?

The challenges of doing business in Asia are well documented. We can help you with:

  • Market and product validation
  • Setting up your business e.g. direct and or in-direct
  • Mentoring your senior executives (particularly Expat’s)

Cultural understanding is recognised as being very important in doing business in Asia, and western society have certainly come a long way over the years to arrive at a better understanding of Asian culture. For instance, you should always hand your business card over with two hands, and never write on someone else’s business card (the latter is not such a well-known fact).

However there is a misconception that all Asian countries share the same values, attitudes, and mind-set. While Asian cultures do share a variety of characteristics, each distinguishes itself from the next through specific cultural elements and accepted business norms.

Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet there is a wealth of information available on the different cultures within Asia so you can adopt the appropriate business approach to address the different customs or norms. The challenge is in the execution of the approach, from business establishment to operational delivery.

Having lived for nine+ years in Malaysia and Singapore and successfully led businesses in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines and Singapore, I am well versed in the nuances of doing business in such a diverse region. I have had first-hand experience (and learnt a few tough lessons along the way) on how to succeed in such murky waters.

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